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Custom Web Site Design for Artists and Small Businesses

Why Have A Custom Web Site?:

Your web site is your unique online gallery. It is the easiest way to display collections of your artwork, product or services, your resume, and a little bit of your personality to a wide audience! Your custom site will enable you to share your talents with family, friends, potential buyers, show organizers, gallery owners, and to unlimited number of people who use the internet. An effective web site allows you to quickly publicize new products or to post updates about your current shows, awards, or activities. A dynamic web presence is invaluable in today's world of computer savvy buyers and internet surfers.

Why Have Sandy Create Your Web Site?:

Sandy is an artist herself. Her web sites are built with an "artist's eye" for color, composition, and graphic design. She will customize your web site according to your preferences so that it reflects your unique style and highlights your achievements. Navigation through your personalized site will be easy, "user friendly", and will professionally guide visitors through your portfolio.

How Much Does A Web Site Cost?:

Web designer fees vary tremendously. Rates are based on the complexity of the site, how large the site is, and how much the web site designer charges. Sandy specializes in web sites for artists and small businesses and accommodates this special group for much less than most web site designers. She will create your unique web site design for $300. This design includes the layout, background, and navigation used on each page of your site. After you review and approve your personalized design, each web page is created for only $40 per page.

View the sample web site at the right by clicking on the page image. Your own similar two-page site can be created for $380 ($300 for the personalized design and $40 for each page). A site like this can display about 15 images of artwork or photos of goods or services per page. Any number of additional pages may be added at $40 per page.

Click to view a sample two page web site
Click here to view a sample two page web site

Click to view a single-page small business site
Click to view a single-page small business site

Please click the image to the left if you would like to view a $340 single-page sample site that has been set up for an ice cream bistro ($300 for the design + $40 for one page = $340).

As you explore Sandy's own web site,, you will notice it is a larger site with a total of 36 pages. Although a site this size takes much more time to create, the fee schedule is the same ($300 for the design + $1440 for 36 pages = $1740).

You can see a selection of some of the sites Sandy has built by clicking on their links on her Links page here: "Links"

Before beginning the design for your customized web site, Sandy will discuss costs, design ideas, size and organization with you.

Activating Your Web Site:

Once your web site is designed, it must be assigned a web address and then published on the World Wide Web. Sandy can create your web site for you, after which you can upload it to the Web yourself, or she can obtain a web address and upload the site for you.

Many web designers charge monthly fees or a large yearly fee to activate a web site. Sandy does not. She will keep your site online for only $38 A YEAR (NO monthly fees). She will research to see if the web address you would like (such as "") is available, purchase it for you, upload your web site to the World Wide Web, and renew the activation of your site annually for the lowest cost available to her. She does not charge above her costs for these services.

After your web site is activated, Sandy will assist you in keeping it updated at very reasonable rates. She will add entire pages at any time for $40 per page. Editing of text, images, or other updates as needed will be done quickly at $40 per hour.

How To Get Started:

First, think about what you might want your web site to look like. Do you want the background or text to be certain colors? Have you seen other web sites that you would like yours to look like or do you prefer to have Sandy choose the layout and colors that would best make your images stand out?

Next, make a list of the items you would like to have on your web site. You must have a digital image of each piece of artwork or photo that you would like to display online.

Click here to email Sandy
Click here to email Sandy

Digital images for web sites can be created in several ways. Photographs taken using a digital camera can be used on web sites. Artwork can be scanned to create digital images and many artists have their artwork scanned by a professional photo lab service (such as Photographic Works in Tucson). And almost any photo lab (including Costco) can easily and inexpensively make digital images from slides, too. Sandy can assist with having digital images made of your work if you need help with this process.

Sandy can use images you email to her (those are JPEG files) or images you send to her on a disk (either JPEG or TIFF files) to create your web site. Your online images will only be as good as your digital images, though, so it is best have high quality, professional digital images.

Finally, jot down the information you would like on your site. Artists typically include their background or training, sources of inspiration, type of media or process, and awards or shows. Business owners typically include services or products, location, contact information, hours, training or certifications, references, and other specialized information. See Sandy's "Artist Info" Page for an example of items typically included on an art web site.

Once you have your digital images and a list of the information you would like on your site, you are ready to have your custom web site created! Still have questions? Email Sandy by clicking on the image above this paragraph. She will respond promptly via email (or via phone, if you prefer). You will find her friendly and willing to help.

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